Penn Housing Guide 2017

On Campus

The legacy of the Quad, transfer student housing, and much more in much more in the on campus housing guide

Off Campus

A guide to leasing companies as well as where famous alumni lived during their time at Penn

On Campus Stories

Students share what it's like to live in a four-year college house as a freshman

Freshmen often expect to make close friends in their dorms, where they are surrounded by other new students. But each year, whether by choice or luck, some freshmen find themselves living among mostly upperclassmen.


Why students caught drinking in college houses can receive totally different punishments

Students have found that the consequences of violations across college houses are often inconsistent

The 'legacy' experience of the Quad versus the new amenities of NCH and Hill: Freshmen weigh in

With flashy new study rooms and state-of-the-art dining halls, newly renovated Hill College House and recently opened New College House have changed the freshman dorm experience.

Why your GA can stay on campus for free over the summer, but your RA can't

Both graduate associates and residential advisors are tasked with supporting their fellow students, but only GAs are permitted to stay in their dorm rooms over the summer.

RA/GA rooms around campus

RA/GA's are often known for having the best rooms in the dorms. Check some of them out here!

Spencer Swanson | Reasons for random rooming

What Penn freshmen are missing when they choose their roommates

Inside Penn's $200 million project to renovate Hill and build New College House

In the trustee meeting they talked a little bit about the cost of Hill and NCH -- what is the cost comparison of these two buildings? what are their most expensive features? why did the council undertake these 2 large construction projects in the same year? what's their next target for renovations?

Transfer and exchange students have to live on campus for their first year — but many don’t mind

A lot of transfer/international exchange students live in the high-rises. Is that by choice or is that enforced by the university. What do these students think of the policy if it is one or why did they choose on-campus living if it isn’t a policy?

A brief history of how Penn built, renovated and reformed the high rises

Today, Penn's three high rises are home to nearly 2,400 students, but much has changed since they started housing undergraduates in the 1970s.

How Penn is making small tweaks to improve the sustainability of older college houses

Initiatives include a motion sensor operated air conditioning system

Off Campus Stories

How off campus prices stack up

Guide to leasing companies - Relevant prices and application deadlines.

From Ivanka Trump to John Legend, here's where Penn's most famous alumni lived on campus

Where did famous alumni live when they were at Penn? Includes people like Ivanka Trump, Elon Musk, Rod Rosenstein, etc.

Where can pets live around Penn?

University housing doesn't allow for most pets. Where can you live and keep your furry best friend?

A decade after the opening of Domus and the Radian, how has luxury housing changed Penn?

Some students say they have exacerbated socioeconomic divisions

Amy Chan | We won't find home in Neverland

Why home is a place that defines you, not vice versa

Here are heat maps of every reported crime near campus since last fall

Since the beginning of 2016's fall semester, 726 crimes have been reported on or near Penn's campus. These heat maps visualize the locations of those crimes and break them down by offense.